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Garden Planning & Seed Starting

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What’s in the course

If you’ve been wanting to start a garden or improve your growing skills… then this course is for you! With presentations in garden design & planning and live video demonstrations, you’ll be all set for spring.

  • Garden Design
    We’ll discuss all the best options for starting your garden or expanding it this season.
  • Garden Planning
    The key to having a productive garden all season long. We’ll make a plan that’s customized to your garden.
  • Live seed starting video
    Let’s plant seeds together! We’ll talk about supplies, planting and maintenance.
  • Live grow lights video
    In this video I’ll show you my home grow light setup, and how I maintain seedlings before transplanting.
  • Free resource downloads
    Tons of free printable garden planning spreadsheets, calendars, and resources with links to my recommended products.
  • Community space for questions
    Have a question about the content in the lessons? We’ve made space to ask questions and get support.

In this lesson we’ll talk all about designing your garden, choosing how you’d like to garden, and how to choose the right materials.

*BONUS: Includes my resource guide with links to all my favorite gardening products.


Let’s make a template for the garden so that we can incorporate it into our garden planning.

*BONUS: Includes my popular 4’x8′ 3-season raised bed garden plan and free printable graph paper.

This lesson is the key to having a productive garden all season long. We’ll talk through my 3 step process for planning the garden ahead of time so you can just focus on enjoying your garden the rest of the year.

*Includes free printable garden planning spreadsheets

Overwhelmed by the zillions of varieties of everything in the seed catalogs? Let’s simplify that. We’ll talk about how to choose the best crops for your growing environment, along with some tips and tricks for getting the most from your garden.

*BONUS: Includes a download of my 75 favorite varieties from High Mowing Seeds with an exclusive discount code for 10% off.

Understanding the different crops when grouped by family will help you understand how to grow them in the garden.

Putting it all together to make a customized crop plan tailored to your garden. We’ll organize it by calendar date so you can just follow along through the season.

*BONUS: Includes free printable crop planning spreadsheets, calendars and garden journals.

PLUS: Live Video Demonstrations

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