My faves for the home & garden

Palram Glory Greenhouse
My greenhouse
compost bucket
Countertop compost bin
best gardening gloves
Long lasting garden gloves
best seed starting watering can
The best seed-starting watering can
The best hand-weeding tool: Cobrahead
Versatile TubTrugs
best vegetable shears
Best veggie harvesting snips
best sunhat travel
My favorite sunhat
rodent proof compost bin
Rodent-proof home composter
Greenhouse thermometer
Bees wrap sandwich zero waste no plastic alternative
Reusable zero-plastic food wraps
Decorative Rain Barrel
Fourneau bread oven
Use promo code GERTIE10 for 10% off Fourneau Oven
high mowing seeds
Organic seeds
reef friendly sunscreen
Reef-friendly sunscreen
Lomi countertop composter
MySoil Soil Test Kit

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