Caraway Home Cookware Review


My review of Caraway Home Cookware & Bakeware

TLDR Caraway Home Cookware Review: This beautifully designed and sustainable cookware is also functional and worth the price. I tested three of their cookware and bakeware products in my home kitchen.

Unboxing Caraway

Caraway Home sent me three cookware and bakeware items to review in their gorgeous cream color: Caraway Dutch Oven, Caraway Muffin Pan & Caraway Fry Pan. When I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised to see how truly sustainable their packaging was.

  • Zero plastic
  • Recycled and compostable cardboard
  • Low impact dyes
  • Biodegradable cork trivets
  • Helpful (and recyclable) instruction booklet

Each piece of Caraway cookware and bakeware was wrapped in a cloth bag that I immediately reused as storage for my garden potato harvest. I bet they never imagined that when they designed those bags!

Caraway’s Non-toxic Ceramic Cookware & Bakeware

A total bummer thing to learn is that most non-stick cookware is made with forever chemicals. Non-stick coatings like Teflon® can leach into your food and air when it’s heated and never break down in the environment . While I don’t claim to be a sustainability purist by any means, I definitely want to make sure I’m not purposely cooking chemicals into my organically grown garden produce.

Caraway’s cookware and bakeware achieves nonstick status with a naturally smooth ceramic coating. This means you can use less oil or butter for cooking and they’re really easy to clean.

My Caraway Home Cookware & Bakeware Review

My initial reaction when I received my Caraway Home cookware was that the products are nice and hefty. They feel sturdy and of course they’re really really beautiful. I will forever be a sucker for cute kitchen products.

I tested each piece of cookware and bakeware for my review:

  1. Caraway Home Dutch Oven in Cream: I love the size of this dutch oven at 6.5 qts. I made a really simple applesauce that cooked evenly and was such a breeze to clean.
  2. Caraway Home Muffin Pan in Cream: My new obsession with chocolate zucchini muffins was a match made in heaven for this muffin pan. Everything baked super evenly and I had absolutely zero sticking when I went to scoop the muffins out of the tin.

    Was I hoping one would stick and I’d have to eat it right away? Maybe. I love that I didn’t have to buy and then immediately throw away disposable muffin cups. Saving money + no waste + non-toxic bakeware is a win-win for me.
  3. Caraway Home Fry Pan in Cream: Eggs are the ultimate test for any fry pan. I made just that for breakfast the last two days by cooking chilaquiles and a spinach omelette. The first time I used just a little oil and the second time no oil at all. Both times they worked like a dream and were extremely easy to clean after.

Questions about Caraway Home Cookware & Bakeware:

Where is Caraway cookware made?

Caraway Home Cookware & Bakeware is designed in New York and manufactured in China. They support ethical manufacturing by using BSCI and SMETA manufacturing partners where employees are safe, paid fairly, given benefits, and work regulated hours.

Is Caraway Cookware oven safe?

Yes, Caraway products are oven safe up to 550°F.

Can you boil water in Caraway?


How long does Caraway cookware last?

Caraway cookware & bakeware is made with an aluminum core, ceramic coating and stainless steel handles and like all nonstick cookware it will eventually lose it’s nonstickiness over time. The only truly piece of cookware that will last indefinitely is cast iron.

Interested in trying Caraway?

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