How to Dry Thyme


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Growing and harvesting thyme couldn’t be easier. This perennial herb is lovely planted as a walkway border and will quickly spread out. It occasionally needs to be cut back if you still care about seeing your walkway, which makes it the perfect time to accomplish two things at once: pruning and harvesting. Let’s walk through how to dry thyme for spice.

How to dry and preserve thyme

1. Using scissors or pruning shears, cut thyme by the handful, being careful to avoid any clumps that have been sitting directly on the ground or are particularly dirty.

2. Place a baking cooling rack on a baking tray and spread out thyme on top. This gives the thyme a little air flow all around to dry evenly. After a week or so, check to see if the thyme is dry and crispy.

3. Strip the leaves from the stem into a bowl and further crush for desired consistency.

4. Store in an air-tight jar in the pantry.

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