Autumn ’22 Sustainable Gift Guide

For the home

Celebrate the start of fall with this sustainable gift guide.

To celebrate the autumn solstice (aka the official start of autumn, AKA the best season of the year), I want to share with you a fun little gift guide, for yourself or a loved one. I’m thinking about warm drinks, having the time to read a new cookbook and try new recipes, and an easier way to compost inside when it’s cold outside.

9 sustainable gifts for the autumn 22 season
  1. Caraway Home Non-toxic Ceramic Cookware: After a whole summer of not turning on the oven, I literally cannot WAIT to get those soups and stews going again. Caraway Home offers non-toxic ceramic cookware and bakeware that comes in zero-plastic packaging. I’ve been making my double chocolate zucchini muffins on repeat in their non-stick muffin pan and they come out perfect every time.
  2. Fourneau Oven Bannetons: Bread baking season is back and so are my absolute favorite bannetons for shaping sourdough. I love these bannetons for so many reasons (besides how adorable the coiled rope design is), but especially because they have lids for easy stacking and storage. Use my discount code GERTIE10 for 10% off.
  3. Rhyze Mushroom Coffee: If you know me you know that in the fall you can usually find me hiking through the woods looking for edible mushrooms. After watching Fantastic Fungi, I can’t stop thinking about how amazing mushrooms are. Now that the daylength is shortening, I love a little morning caffeine with a side of superfood medicinal mushrooms.
  4. Alpaca Throw: This gorgeous and sustainable handwoven alpaca throw might just get me off the couch and to the bonfire where I’ll be sipping on my mushroom coffee and eating s’mores. Cozy to the max!
  5. BKIND beauty products: I have a super high standard for the kinds of products I purchase for our home. This woman-owned Canadian company hits all the marks! Their products are plant-based, vegan, compostable, never tested on animals and come in sustainable packaging. They always donate 2% of their sales to a local animal rescue and feature their shop doggie to their beautiful store in Montreal. I’m a fan forever. Use my discount code GROWINGWITHGERTIE15 for 15% off.
  6. Masala Chai Tea Set: Dream team Diaspora Co & East Fork Pottery teamed up to offer this beautiful masala chai tea set. Diaspora’s thoughtfully-sourced Chai is filled with warming spices which truly make a difference in cooler weather. I also simply loooove the Rococo Pink color of East Fork’s Chai Kulhad cup.
  7. Lomi Home Countertop Composter: This machine is a little bit magical. Pour your food scraps into Lomi’s countertop composter, turn it on, and in 24 hours you’ll have compost that’s ready to use in the garden or on houseplants. If you’re not interested (or can’t) compost outside, this little countertop machine is an awesome way to compost at home.
  8. MASA cookbook: I’ve been looking forward to this cookbook written by Masienda founder Jorge Gaviria for some time. With input from food scientists, corn breeders, tortilla artisans, and home cooks, MASA reveals the history and science behind masa as well as replicable techniques and tools for making it. 
  9. Purple Microgreen Seeds: Now is the time to stock up on microgreen seeds for indoor growing. With the first frost right around the corner, I love having these fresh purple sprouts available even when it’s chilly outside.

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